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Mandarin Chinese Section

Learning Chinese in Center for Language Education



Mandarin Chinese instruction is one of the focal areas of the Center for Language Education in developing students’ foreign language skills in response to globalization.



Why choose to learn Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan?


Taiwan showcases a colorful combination of Chinese language variants and provincial cultures. Flexibility in learning the Chinese language includes a choice of the phonetic system (pinyin or Zhuyin), writing system (regular or simplified characters), and an instant experience of traditional culture side by side with modern lifestyles.



Mandarin Chinese Courses


Equipped with the state-of-the-art teaching facilities and expertise, the Center for Language Education offers Mandarin Chinese with cultural immersion.  Given the rising importance of the Chinese language, the center has defined three main areas in Chinese language instruction:


  • International students on campus: regular Mandarin Chinese courses (from beginners to advanced levels) which prepare them for scholastic success and professional advancement.
  • Students aspiring for professional competence in teaching: Courses are designed according to the Certification Examination for Proficiency in Teaching Chinese as a Second/ Foreign Language administered by the Ministry of Education
  • Overseas students and foreign residents in Taiwan: For cultural exposure or immersion purposes, language courses, customized courses, and theme-based courses are designed according to specific needs. Special mandarin learning camps and workshops have been conducted in the past academic year for students at high school and college levels from Japan and Thailand.

For all courses, instruction may be conducted in the Pinyin or the Zhuyin phonetic systems, and in either the regular or the simplified character writing systems.