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International Degree Student Admission_Application Procedure



Application Timeline

To apply for Fall semester -- Please send application forms and documents before April 30th.

To apply for Spring semester -- Please send application forms and documents before Nov. 30th.




If the applicant fits one of the followings, he / she is entitled to apply as an international student:

(1)   International students refer to those whose nationality are not and have never been Republic of China (Refer to Note 1) and those do not possess overseas compatriot status.

(2)   International students refer to those whose nationality is not Republic of China, those who must have resided in another country for more than 6 years (Refer to Note 2-3), and those who meet the following conditions.

a、  Have dual nationality and have never applied for household registration in Taiwan..

b、  Have held the nationality of Republic of China and renounced it for at least 8 years (till the date school begins).

c、  Possess Overseas Compatriot student status or had previously applied to colleges/universities with this status in Taiwan.

(3)   According to the Education Cooperation Framework Agreement, a foreign national who was selected by a foreign government, organization, or school, and does not hold a household registration record from the time of his/her birth is not subject to the limitations as prescribed in the preceding two paragraphs after receiving approval from the authorized educational government agencies.

(4)   International students who have not graduated from a Taiwan High School may apply (with the exception of Overseas Compatriot high schools and Taiwan affiliated high schools that lessons in dual languages).

(5)   Have never been dismissed from any Taiwan institutes due to poor moral conduct, poor academic standing, or committed any crimes.

(6)    An Applicant of foreign nationality, concureently holding a permanent residence status in Hong Kong, Macau, or another foreign country for less than 6 years is eligible to apply for admission under these regulations..

Any applicants after review violate any of the mentioned above will lose their student status and will not receive any official degree from First Tech.


*1. According to Article 2, the Law of Nationality of Republic of China, a person shall have the nationality of the Republic of China under any of the conditions provided by the following subparagraphs:

(a) His/Her father or mother was a national of the Republic of China when he/she was born

(b) He/She was born after the death of his/her father or mother, and his/her father or mother was a national of the Republic of China at the time of death

(c) He/She was born in the territory of the Republic of China, and his/her parents can't be ascertained or both were stateless persons.

(d) He/She has undergone the nationalization process.

     Preceding subparagraph 1 and subparagraph 2 shall also apply to the persons who were minors at the time of the revision and promulgation of this Act.

*2.The ending dates of the 6 year and 8 year time periods are counted based on the duration until Feb. 1st, 2014.

*3. Overseas excludes Mainland China, Macao and Hong Kong; during the 6 year time period you are not allowed to stay in Taiwan for more than 120 days during any single calendar year.


2.   International students with a high school diploma are eligible to apply for four-year undergraduate programs; students with a junior college diploma are eligible to apply for two-year undergraduate programs; students with a bachelor’s degree are eligible to apply for graduate study in Master’s programs; students with a Master’s degree are eligible to apply for graduate study in Ph.D. programs at First Tech.

3.   If the applicant’s HIV test result is positive, First Tech will notify the government authorities according to “HIV Infection Control and Patient Rights Protection Act”.



Required Forms

 1.  There is no application fee for international students. However, applicants are required to submit the completed application forms with required documents to the Office of Research and Development of FIRST TECH before April 30th. Those who pass the due date will not be considered for admission.

All of the following items should be submitted at the same time as your application packet.

(1) Two completed application forms

(2) Photocopied Certificate of Nationality (passport, residence certificate or birth certificate).

(3) Academic credentials 

     a. Photocopied Certificate of Current Highest-Level Diploma and Original Transcript (A copy of Chinese or English translation shall be submitted if in a language other than Chinese or English). These must be authenticated by the ROC embassy, consulate office or Taipei Economic & Culture Office of the country in which the applicant resides (Refer to Note 4).

     b. Graduating students without appropriate diploma certificates before admission should provide their official diploma certificates for verification once they are enrolled in school after admission. Undergraduate study; provide High School Diploma, Graduate study; provide Bachelors Degree, Doctorate study; provide graduate degree.

     c. Once admitted, upon registration provide authentic document of diploma for review.

     d. Translated Certificated of Diploma MUST be authenticated by the school from which students graduated and by the ROC embassy, consulate office, or Taipei Economic & Culture Office of the country in which the student resides.


*4. ROC representative offices abroad” stands for ROC embassies, consulates, representative offices, trade offices, or other agencies authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of ROC

(4)  One Official Transcript

       a. Must be authenticated by the school from which students graduated and by the ROC embassy, consulate office, or Taipei Economic & Culture Office of the country in    which the student resides. In addition, the transcript must be sealed by the institute issuing the transcript.

       b.Applicants for Ph.D. programs should provide undergraduate transcripts in addition.

(5)   One financial statement issued by a bank.

       a. Students with supports from funding agency must provide relevant document of proof.

       b. Students without scholarships must provide a bank statement showing the amount of at least NT$ 200,000 (USD$ 7,000) deposit.

       c. If the account name stated in the bank statement is not the applicant himself/herself, a letter of declaration written by this particular sponsor is required. In the letter, the sponsor has to state his/her relationship with the applicant, as well as making an assurance to support the applicant for all his/her expenses while studying in Taiwan.

(6)   Certificate of Nationality Renouncement of Republic of China

Required for applicants once holding the nationality of Republic of China. Should be longer than 8 years till the date school begins.

(7)    Other materials required by specific departments/institutes.

* Incomplete application packets will not be considered!

(8)    Mailing address:

Center for International Affairs and Language Learning

National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology

No. 1 University Rd., Yanchao District, Kaohsiung City 824, Taiwan, R.O.C.

International students shall prepare the required documents and refer to the updated MOE Regulations  International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan.