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International Degree Student Admission_Q&A


questionAre students from Mainland China qualified to apply for NKFUST?

Yes, please check 大學校院招收大陸地區學生聯合招生委員會 for application information.


questionHow can Hong Kong and Macau students apply for NKFUST?

According to the NKFUST Regulations Governing Foreign Student Admission,  applicants who hold Hong Kong or Macau citizenship are not eligible for applying for NKFUST by these regulations. Hong Kong and Macau students' admission to universities in Taiwan must abide by the "香港澳門居民來臺就學辦法" enacted by the Ministry of Education. For more information, please contact 『海外聯招會』

『海外聯招會』contact information:
*Phone: +886-49-2910900


questionI hold a Canadian passport besides ROC passport. Can I apply for NKFUST by the Canadian passport?

As long as you hold an ROC passport, you are not qualified as a foreign student under the NKFUST Regulations Governing Foreign Student Admission.


questionIf I have completed degrees in Taiwan (Republic of China) before, can I apply for NKFUST?

Yes, except for students who have applied and obtained their high school degree in Taiwan as foreign students. If you are not sure about your situation, please call Ms. 
May at +886-7-6011166 or 


questionI was once studying in Taiwan as an Overseas Chinese student, can I apply for NTU as an international student?

No. According to the Article 21 of "Regulations for Studying in Taiwan and Assistance for Overseas Chinese Students" (Amended 12 Oct 2006) & the Article 2 of "Regulations Governing Study By Foreign Students In Taiwan"(Amended 22 Jun 2006), students who once studied in Taiwan as Overseas Chinese students can not apply for NKFUST as international students. For Overseas Chinese Student Affairs, please contact the Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission.


questionDo I need to know Chinese to apply?

Except for English taught programs, most of the courses currently in NKFUST are taught in Chinese, though many text books may be in English. Therefore, students are recommended to have adequate level of both Chinese and English in order to achieve excellent academic performance.


questionRegarding the tuition fee, do I have to pay for one semester or two semesters at a time?

Students pay their tuition fee at the beginning of every semester. So you pay for a semester at a time.


questionWhen will I have to pay the tuition fee?