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Related Information_Visa & ARC


Resident Visa


Required documents

  • Visa Application form
  • A duly completed application form with two 2x2 inch color photos taken within from the last six months. A duly completed application form with two 2x2 inch color photos taken within from the last six months.
  • A passport valid for no less than six months with one copy and there should be an adequate number of empty pages within it.
  • An original and one copy of the admission of NKFUST.

Flow Chart for Resident Visa Application


Application Fee

  • The Visa application fee is NT$3,600(US$100) for US citizens. (Approximately US$100元)
  • The process fee for applicants with other nationalities (Approximately US$ 66元)
  • An additional handling charge of NT$800 shall apply to applications made in the ROC by visitor visa holders applying for change or replacement of visitor visa or resident visa.(Approximately US$24元)


Other relative information

  • Foreigners who come to Taiwan with Visa upon Arrival, with exemption form Visa, or with Visa other than Student Visa can not ask for visa extension with education reason.
  • Non-degree students can not apply for Visa with student status.
  • If a foreigner wants to switch his or her visa to a Student Visa, he or she is required to have the student status before switching the type of visa.
  • Foreigners are required to apply Alien Resident Certificate(A.R.C) and re-entry permits at the local city/country immigration agencies within 15 days after they enter the R.O.C.


For more information, please contact the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Bureau of Consular Affairs-Office in Kaohsiung


*Address:2Fl., 436 Cheng Gung 1st Rd., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, ROC  【Location】

*TEL:(02) 2343-2888

*Hotline:(02) 2343-2885 ; (02) 2343-2895

*Service Hour:Monday~Friday 8:00am~17:00pm 【Download handbook】


A.R.C. ( Alien Resident Certificate)

Required documents

  • For those apply for the first time and the re-entry:
  • Alien Resident Certificate (No need for the first time applicants).
  • Original passport and photocopy plus original and photocopy of Alien Resident Certificate (originals will be returned following verification).
  • Student identification card and one photocopy or certificate of enrollment and one photocopy (students applying for the first time may present notice of admission).
  • 2 x 2 inch color photo taken within from the last six months (Applicants for the first time: 2 copies;For re-entry: one copy)


  • One year term:NT$1,000
  • Two year term:NT$2,000
  • Three year term:NT$3,000
  • Processing Time: within 5 working days(Take the receipt with you when taking your ARC

Application Procedure

For applying for A.R.C, please prepare the required documents and go to the police department in your resident city. Can be done in person or applicant may authorize another person to represent him/her. (In the case of authorizing a representative, applicant should fill out an authorized statement on the application form or attach a letter of authorization.)


Other relative information

  • Foreigners with resident visa, please apply for A.R.C to the police department in your resident city within 15 days after enter the R.O.C. or get the resident visa in R.O.C.
  • Foreigners can apply for A.R.C and re-entry permits at the same time.
  • International students have to apply for A.R.C extension one month before the expired date. If the A.R.C expires during the summer vacation (from July to September), students are allowed to apply for extension beginning on the 1st of June.
  • For over-stay foreigners who did not apply for A.R.C extension, their residence will be ceased by the authorized agency, and they may be expelled from Taiwan.


For more information, please contact『National Immigration Agency 』

National Immigration Agency—Office in Kaohsiung


*Address:7 FL., No.436, Chenggong 1 st Rd. , Cianjin District, Kaohsiung City

*TEL:07-2211829 07-2722660 07-2821432 07-2821400

*Fax:07-2821458 07-2153890

*Hotline:(02) 2343-2885 ; (02) 2343-2895